Planning, Development, Research Feasibility Administration and Management Department

Acting as the coordinating Hub of the group, PDFRAM serves largely as and administrative and management consultant. Given the wide scope of services it is essential to have each department focus solely on the targets they are programmed for and have non technical managers coordinating the tangential but necessary task of Client communication and management, Invoicing and Debt recovery, Sales, Scheduling, HR management.
It is also our Dream to establish NGO clubs at the secondary and tertiary levels to encourage out of the box thinking in our youths as well as identify and nurture future talent to feed our HR demands. The IDEAS club in schools will be largely STEM based with creative and tactile endeavors. Finally we will house the Feasibility, Research and development teams that will strive to address societal problems in construction affordability through building techniques and materials. As well as the assessment and monetization of feasible Ideas from citizens in the “LET US HEAR YOUR IDEA” service.