About Us

Ideas Ja is a design firm with a unique set of skills dedicated to providing you with the best services to satisfy your every design need.

We offer Facilitative Design, Management, Consultancy &  Implementation/Production Services in the areas of: 

  • Design and Drafting (Industrial, Architectural, Graphic, Conceptual) Computer generated imagery (CGI) – (3rd digital models, animations and renders)
  • Traditional Arts and Craft (Murals, paintings, drawings, carvings etc)
  • Implementation and Production (Construction, prototype manufacturing, carpentry, Metallic fabrication, Poly-carbonate fabrication including fiber-glass)
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We are efficient, self-motivated and adept Individuals, who have a dream to see the company achieve its full potential as the ultimate creative farm from which we will cultivate harvest and promote creative ventures ranging from the unknown and marginally localised recognition to international success and further demonstrate that the skills sets available from overseas in both design, management and production are equally and readily available within the Caribbean and should be employed if we are to empower ourselves as a Region.

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Chairman of Board of Directors and acting CEO, with oversight and planning directive for the Planning Feasibility Research Development Administration and Management (PFRDAM) department.

Gavin Simpson